Jennifer Hudson Interview!

I had the chance to interview Jennifer Hudson while she was in town to walk the red carpet for her new movie “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete”. Check out the interview below.



Kodaline Interview!

gallokodalineI had the chance to interview Kodaline when they visited Chicago for the first time to perform on their US tour at Subterranean. I spoke to the guys before the show when they were doing soundcheck earlier that day. Check it out!

Met Lady Gaga in Chicago!

I met Lady Gaga twice while she was in Chicago recently. I met her the first time while she was leaving a photo shoot with Terry Richardson at the Chicago Planetarium. I met her the second time when she arrived back in Chicago after coming from LA to perform on the finale of The Voice with Christina Aguilera. Check out the pictures below.

Backstage with Rihanna in New Orleans!

riri1It all started in July 2013 when I decided I was going to go to the last 5 shows in November of the Diamonds World Tour. I started in Denver and everything went great! I met some great navy out there while going to the concert that night. I came home the following day and they lost my luggage so I had to cancel my trip to Dallas, but I believe everything happens for a reason. So the following day I fly to Oklahoma City and I had third row for the show that night. Instantly, I see that Rihanna noticed me in the audience. She gave me the most eye contact, eye winks, and waves all night. I knew from there that I would meet Riri somehow before the tour was over. After OKC, I went to Houston, the show was amazing and after I waited by the back entrance where the buses come out. I met some great Navy that night and waited there for about 2-3 hours. I finally see someone from Riri’s crew, Evan Rogers. I call him over and I give him this photo album of pictures I took of Riri from her first tour the mall tour and from a Christmas radio show, both that were taken from 2005. Evan was amazed at these photos and looked through the entire album with me and said he would definitely give it to Rihanna. Evan than asked me can I get your personal information and I gave it to him. From there I felt an even better feeling that I was going to get to meet Riri sooner or later!
riri3riri4The next day I flew from Houston to New Orelans for the final show! I was super excited for the last show and was excited to meet up with some Navy that also flew in for the final show such as @freetixdeeznutz and @rihannashusband. I also met @rihplies, @rih2dope, @tamiblack2 to name a few. The final show was beyond amazing and after I got into the Budweiser VIP party. I still didn’t have any word if I was going backstage to see Riri. 1 o’clock am hits and the party was over and everyone in there either had to leave the arena or if you were going backstage to go with Riri’s bodyguard Rich to meet Rihanna backstage. So half went backstage and the rest of us went by the buses to try and get a glimpse of Rihanna when she leaves the venue. I knew I couldn’t give up and had to find a way to see Riri and make sure she got the photo album. I was talking to @that_rihanna_reign_ who I also met that night and she told me, what do you have to loose, just keep Instagramming her letting her know that you are outside waiting to see her. Thanks again @that_rihanna_reign_ !!! So I said hell why not. I literally posted the same message to Rihanna over 40 times hoping she would see it.
riri5riri2At exactly 3:00am, Rihanna rihplies asking, Where you? I started freaking out and the rest of the Navy outside with me are so excited for me as well! Within 5 minutes, Rich, Rihanna’s bodyguard, comes from the backstage door, out to the buses and asks us, where is Nick Gallo? I said that’s me and he said follow me. I thought I was dreaming and couldn’t believe Riri immediately had Rich come and get me! Rich brought me to the room that @freetixdeeznutz, @rih2dope, @tamiblack2, @rihplies, @rgkid32, and @simplymyne were waiting in still to meet Rihanna. It was now about 3:15am in the morning. We were just sitting on the couches chatting and waiting patiently for Riri to come in! Finally at around 3:35am Riri comes in and says, Hey Guys! My heart stopped for a second because she came in so unannounced that I was in shock. She gives everyone hugs and chats with each of us individually. When she gets to me she says Hi Nick with her arms wide open and hugs and rocks me at the same time. While holding my hand, Riri kept telling me that she loved the photo album I gave to Evan to give to her and appreciates me being there from the beginning of her career. At one point she got kinda emotional but pulled it together really quick lol. Riri even told me she still has the picture I drew of her and gave to her during soundcheck at the mall tour in 2005 in Chicago! She said she was so happy I was here! Rihanna than said, Nick we need new a picture together. We take one, and than I ask her if we can take another one with her kissing me and she said no problem lets do it. She grabs my cheek and puts her lips on my cheek and the picture came out EPIC. After she signed a picture collage I made of previous pictures of us over the years. She signed it, To My Boy Nick, ❤ Rihanna. After I asked her for another pic just for back up and she said sure and this time, her manager, Jay Brown took the pic and took a second one just in case for me! After the pic Rihanna said ok guys I gotta go but good to see everyone and that she loves us! Riri left the room and it was a rap! It's just awesome to know that Rihanna knows me by name and remembers me since day one when we first met in the summer of 2005.

Lionel Richie All The Hits, All Night Long Tour 2013 Comes To Chicago



Lionel brought his first US tour in 7 years to the United Center in Chicago to sing all his hits. Mr. Richie sang everything from his early days with the Commodores to his solo material. The legend was on stage for a full 2 hours with tons of energy. It’s great to see an entertainer that has been around for years and still has not lost his touch in the music industry. The audience was a mix of young adults to senior citizens showing that his music is for everyone. I had the chance to meet Lionel after the show and thank him for such a great performance he put on.


lionel and me